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Biodynamic Craniosacral Technique for Babies

Birth is one of the most difficult events the body suffers during its life. Huge forces are exerted on the baby. The head of the new-born has the incredible ability to cope with these pressures. During labour, to reduce the size of the skull, the soft bones of the skull move over each other during the descent of the fetus. In a normal situation, the chin retracts towards the chest to reduce the size of the skull on its way from the maternal ward to the outside. As a result, many new-borns have asymmetries in the shape of their heads.

When the baby sucks through his mouth or cries, his skull recovers its natural form. But in many cases, the movement is not loose/free at all, especially after a difficult delivery, and for that reason the child suffers tensions in his head and body.


Biodynamic craniosacral therapy helps babies born:

  • With the help of forceps
  • After very long births
  • By caesarean
  • With lack of space in the uterus in the case of delivery of twins and / or twins
  • With high muscular tension of the mother in the pelvic and/or abdominal area that limits movement at the end of pregnancy.

For Babies Suffering from:

  • Meningitis
  • Immune system difficulties
  • Difficulties of breast at birth / Difficulties to suckle from birth
  • Otitis
  • Other ailments or infections

What Does the Treatment Entail?

The treatment is carried out through a very gentle contact to discover the restrictions of the system.
The therapist is trained to listen to the subtle movements of the body, its rhythms, pulsations and patterns of congestion and resistance. This listening provides important information about the functioning of the person as a whole, especially in the skull and hip, places where the membranes meet and hold the skull and the spine in place. The soft touch helps the baby's natural healing forces to release and heal.

The goal is that, unlike other treatments in which the therapist forces the tissues to be released, with the Craniosacral, the baby is held to activate the internal knowledge and its internal potential according to its natural rhythm.

This method does not cause a reaction in the body and serves both to treat a wide variety of ailments that are related to serious problems in the skeletal, muscular and nervous system and to reduce stresses.

Cases and Their Causes in Which Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Helps Babies

A baby who cries or gets angry easily: : a baby who cries excessively who must be cuddled until he falls asleep, who prefers to be held in someone’s arms, for no apparent reason, may have a continuous pressure on his skull, which can come from a difficult delivery, forceps, etc. and when he’s lying down, this feeling is increasing.

Difficulties when eating: : it takes a long time to do it, they take a long time to suck to eat. The cause, a mechanical pressure in his/her head from inside and in the neck because of a caesarean section.

Stomach pains: there are babies who cry excessively for gas, colic, vomit milk between breastfeeding. In many cases, it gets worse during the night. The cause, the nerve that goes to the stomach from the skull is irritated from its origin and can imped digestion. It may be that the trachea dilates or twists. There are cases in which a valve that does not close causes all the food to go out; this situation demands urgent medical treatment.

Difficulties to sleep: the baby sleeps during very short periods, being able to sleep little during the day or the night, wakes up before the smaller noise. The cause: pressure on the box of bones and cartilages of the skull. With time and age the person can suffer other problems.

Infections: the pressures of childbirth weaken the immune system, therefore, the baby is exposed to more infections, such as repeated ear infections. The compression of the childbirth puts pressure on the ossicles of the ear and around it, which causes an erroneous development of the air channels of the ear.

Behavioural problems and learning difficulties: Problems of concentration, body nerves, problems to be quiet in silence, hyperactivity, tendency to change the attention from one thing to another. Cranial compression at the time of delivery produces discomfort in the child and difficulties in maintaining the same position for a while.

Alexander Technique · Biodynamic Craniosacral Theraphy