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When I consulted with Orna I had headaches in the right hemi-cranium because I had a major dental infection years ago that left me with this sequel. I started cranio-sacral therapy and I improved a lot. The pains were spaced even more with the Alexander Technique.

On the other hand, I had not realized that I had the articulation of the left hip with difficulty of movement, with the Cranio-sacral Therapy, I felt that I walked as if the joint did not "weigh". That is, I believe that Cranio-sacral Therapy can detect the possibility of future pathologies, or damages, that have not caused pain or can not yet be seen in routine diagnostic tests such as x-rays, etcetera.
I currently do Alexander Technique to have my body as ready as I can to sing. The voice comes out more and more free as the body changes the postural form.

Regarding the therapist, Orna is a great professional and this is evident in her work and in the results. I believe that these two disciplines are not widely known and sometimes we do not have the “certainty” that the tests usually used give us, therefore, I believe that experience is the best test to prove its effectiveness.


My case started when I was diagnosed with a severe carpal tunnel in the right hand (loss of sensation in the fingers).
After the electromyogram test (Clínica Corachán), the solution was surgical intervention. I decided to opt to be treated with other alternatives to see if I could avoid surgery. I started with acupuncture, but after 6 months and another electromyogram again (Hospital de Bellvitge), there was no improvement.

At that moment it came to my mind to contact Orna, to whom I had met a few months ago at the house of a mutual friend, to see if she could handle my case. The first time she treated me, she told me that the problem was coming from my back and I had to stop doing acupuncture, because it was very aggressive and incompatible with her treatment and I did so. Also, by then every 3 or 4 months had to take 2 or 3 sessions with a masseuse because of quite annoying contractures in the back.

After 6 months with alternative treatments of Alexander Technique and craniosacral therapy, the improvement was incredible to such an extent that I went back to perform an electromyogram again (Hospital de Bellvitge) coinciding with the same doctor. The surprise was first for the doctor to see the results: absolute normality. She told me that it was the first time in her life that she saw such a case and she asked me what I had done. I explained the treatments I followed; Craniosacral Therapy had knowledge, but the Alexander Technique did not and she took note.

Since then I have not had any problems with my hand, nor more contractures to this day. Since then, whenever the opportunity arises, I have advised acquaintances, friends and family. From here, thanks to Orna, his hands and teachings.

Óscar Monge Aparicio
Specialized Production Technician at FGC

The Alexander technique in the hands of Orna has meant a substantial change in my body consciousness that has generated highly beneficial mental and emotional changes.

This body awareness allows me to feel more confident and to correct bad habits that have resulted in a remarkable improvement in my back, in noticing how your muscles are strengthened very vividly, and other deeper changes.

Although it is not easy to understand this technique, doing it and being aware, outside Orna’s studio, helps you feel much better. It is easier to live it than to explain it ... but for me it has been a real discovery.

Coach, experiential trainer and content management consultant

I am a doctor. One and a half year ago, due to a facet syndrome at the lumbar level (probably secondary to 2 lumbo-sacral hernias,) I suffered a very intense lumbar pain with radiation to the hip and lower extremity, which invalidated my mobility significantly, despite the conventional treatments I followed.

One of the treatments that helped my recovery was craniosacral therapy, in the first phase and, to date, the Alexander Technique that I recommend to all people with spinal conditions. To do so, it is essential to consult first with a good specialist in this technique that will confirm the benefits in each case.

I consider Ms. Orna Genislav one of the best specialists in both therapies

DR. M. B.
Cardiologist. Barcelona.

I started taking lessons from Orna when I was in Barcelona five years ago. I will never forget how I left the lessons feeling taller and extremely relaxed. A couple of lessons later I noticed the benefits.

In my case I got rid of excruciating headaches which even after years of Pilates and Yoga had kept bothering me. The Alexander technique enables me to move effortlessly and avoid bad postural habits. I have learned to maintain a relaxed body posture. Especially useful to me when there is hectic and stress at my school. Since then I continue to take classes in Germany.

Orna is an experienced, friendly and patient teacher. Her studio is light and calm. I warmly recommend taking lessons with Orna.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Gretel Ghamsharick, teacher from Frankfurt, Germany

For more than 15 years I practiced figure skating, of which 7 were high performance. Being so young when I started, my body suffered severe and sustained blows for years, that triggered serious injuries to my body, and more than 5 operations on my knees. Although I could rehabilitate myself thanks to physiotherapy, the pains in my legs increased with the years, unleashing a deep and intense break in my physical and mental balance. However, little by little, thanks to Orna and the Craniosacral Therapy practice, I established a new relationship with my body, my centre and my emotionality. It marked, without doubt, a turning point in my life.

I began to heal and to understand that we must learn to connect with our body from our responsibility, and that never is too late to begin the path of healing.


My story is marked by sexual abuse suffered since childhood. I began to remember, already in adulthood, when the person responsible for the aggression died. I guess that forgetting everything was the way to survive. Until then, I could say that I have always been able to move forward but with a very difficult feeling to explain, a very deep sadness that occasionally appeared, but that tormented me because I did not know who or what to blame. Fatigue. Insecurity. I did therapy and it helped me a lot to identify my feelings.

But something inside me continued preventing from feeling good. A weight, a feeling of unhappiness in the day-to-day, no matter how hard I tried to push forward. In my search to find some way to feel better, I discovered Craniosacral Therapy. How it helps me? It has been a slow process, since my story comes from many years ago, and is buried in the deepest part of my being. But, little by little, the sadness that accompanied me has stopped being an internal part of my life. It has helped me a lot, at an emotional level.

Throughout the sessions I have been gaining more security, more strength. I have a feeling of freedom. It is difficult to explain, as if I was able to see more clearly. I don’t feel big changes in each session, but an incredible improvement throughout the process.

In addition, Orna is a discreet therapist, but at the same time very close, which makes you feel comfortable whatever the problem you go for./p>

G. M.

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